Alternative Heating Systems

Alternative Heating Systems

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EPA Multi-Fuel Furnaces

Flex Fuel

Heat your whole home for far less money than fuel oil, propane, natural gas and even off-peak electric rates with WoodMaster's Flex Fuel Series. Use it as a pellet boiler or as a wood boiler choose the least expensive fuel -- cordwood and wood pellets -- and burn less of it, guaranteed.

AFS 1100

The WoodMaster AFS 1100 furnace uses wood pellets, corn, small grains and other materials.  Use this outdoor pellet furnace to heat multiple buildings, including a home, garage or workshop, pool, spa, greenhouse or commercial structure.

AFS 900

The WoodMaster AFS 900 furnace uses wood pellets, corn, small grains and other materials to heat your home, garage, workshop, pool, etc.  It is also one of very few outdoor pellet furnaces that operates clean enough to wear the white EPA tag.